I will locate the blocked energy that needs to be shifted. Access the issue that created the blockage, and explore it in order to then be able to process it.

I will guide you through the shifting of the energy; we will do this together, so you will understand the mechanics of creating your own new reality and can access this knowledge later on, providing a sense of Empowerment.

At the same time, I will bring through the Light Language, toning and different frequencies of energy which accelerate the process of shifting and healing.  

“Healing is a result of love, judgement free and vibrational chemistry - The session happens in a centered, open and focused loving service”


 The session takes approx. 1 hours. 

Come to the session hydrated and do not drink alcohol and not too much coffee before hand. 

During the session you will lay comfortably, fully clothes, and we will create a safe and protected high vibrational space.

Sessions can take place in person or by Skype / phone.