Releasing "Entangled" & Bringing "Gentle" into our Energy Fields
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Releasing "Entangled" & Bringing "Gentle" into our Energy Fields

This is the first session of a series of 5 sessions where we will be releasing denser energies from our field and bringing in positive emotions or manifestations. I dowse the information to be released and brought into to the field for every session.

In this session the energy to be released is ENTANGLED. Meaning:

  • cause to become twisted together with or caught in

  • involve (someone) in difficulties or complicated circumstances from which it is difficult to escape

We will bring in the energies of GENTLE. Meaning:

  • mild in temperament or behaviour; kind or tender

  • moderate in action, effect, or degree; not harsh or severe

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All Is Love

This is a space from which to embody the responsibility and self-empowerment of choosing love everyday and seeing only love in order to project the new world.

Supported by high vibrational energies of light, this group has the intention to transcend negative thought patterns that keep us stuck in our low vibrational realities - working with them to transform and transmute these into higher vibrational realities.

As you integrate the energies in these sessions into your being and everyone of your cells, you will begin to embody the principles of higher consciousness and love.


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