My name is Barbara and I am an energy medicine & Light Language sound healer.

I call the energy work I practice LIGHT ALIGNMENT.

I work intuitively based on where the guidance takes me, based on my knowledge and practice of different modalities energy medicine modalities and the unique gifts that I bring in.

These sessions aim to align further with ones true self; your truth, your own light.

In sessions you will release trauma and negative thought patterns and emotions. Creating a sense of wellbeing and balance on the emotional, mental, physical and energetic levels.

My mission is to assist people in their path of awareness. The journey of connecting to the essential truth of who they are and the path towards higher consciousness in order to live a life of profound Self Love, Joy, Harmony and Empowerment.

I work both in person and online and in private sessions and groups.

"The beauty is that you can get to the core of an issue in one session and realise it in a simple effortless way”