Yesterday I came upon an incredibly interesting expert; Dr. Gabor Maté. He is an addiction expert who calls for a compassionate approach towards addiction.

Like me, he believes, that the source of addiction is not to be found in the genes but in the early childhood environment. Here is his webpage, full of extremely interesting interviews and info:

The idea that our genes are not our reality is the field of study called EPIGENETICS. This is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.

You have cell membranes and the DNA is inside them. The cell membranes “read” all external signals coming from the environment and changes the genes inside accordingly. The external signals it reads are: Thoughts, Emotions, Food/Water, Movement, Air/Noice/etc.

This means that what we eat, think and feel CONTROLS how our genes are expressed. Your beliefs can indeed determine your biology. So you are not victim of your biology but you can program yourself according to your thoughts and environment.

I feel like understanding that we are not our genetic but our beliefs and conditioning is a very important step towards change. The moment you understand this you understand that with some awareness and introspection you can create your reality and live your most healthy self and taking reign of your real self.

It is important to be aware of what we say to ourselves every day - how do you program yourself?

If you want to discover more of your subconscious beliefs and programs it is worthwhile looking into it in a session in order to become aware of what is going on in the subconscious and reprogram your biology.

Triangle 2.jpg

As many of you might already know the power of the Triangle is one which has no comparison - there is a lot of information on it.

Not long ago, I was shown in a meditation how to use the Triangle as a vibrational healing tool. First I had an energetic golden Triangle downloaded into me through the crown and all the way through my central channel anchoring into the earth. I was able to see and feel how as it passed through my body its energetic frequency was healing every cell within me.

I was then shown how in the most simple of ways you can call upon this Triangle and place it in different places and the vibration changes. It is interesting to experiment with it, place it in different parts of your body or outside surroundings (food, nature, house, animals, others etc.) and notice how in seconds the vibration raises.

Once this is done allow for the Triangle to anchor down into Gaia, as what I was shown is that we are connected through our feet to the Soul of Humanity, to Gaia. So with this process what you are doing is taking the vibration further into the extent of Humanity and Gaia.


The first Connecting to Source Energy group session in London is on the 22nd September (7pm-9pm)

The gathering beautifully falls on the Equinox – considered to be a highly sacred and potent time of change.

This time is when the hours of the light and dark are the same. It represents a shift in the season, a time where the energy of the Sun and Moon are in complete balance.

We are all connected to this earth and to each other, so when significant changes in nature occur, we often feel them resonating within our soul.

In the Northern Hemisphere we are getting ready to shift into the season of autumn. The trees are getting ready to shed their leaves and let go of all the old in order to prepare for winter.

These changes will be reflected in our own vibration, our energy synching to that of Mother Earth.

The energy of the Equinox is going to help us shed the things that we no longer need and embrace the new.  Guided to release all the fears and patters that keep us stuck. Releasing attachments to what should be in order to embrace the way life is unfolding for us.  

“Emotions have great effect on our health” Interview with Dr. Jorge Carvajal

What is disease? It is a teacher, an opportunity to organize ourselves with a greater harmony in our life, on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

What becomes sick first, body or soul? The soul cannot get sick, it is the one thing that is perfect within you; the soul evolves, learns. Most of our diseases are the resistance of the emotional and mental bodies to the soul. Disease appears when our personality is resistant to the evolution of the soul.

Are there harmful emotions for our health? Which are the most harmful ones? 70% of human diseases come from the field of emotional consciousness. Disease might arise when there are non-processed, non-expressed or repressed emotions. Fear, which is that absence of love, is the great disease, the common denominator of great part of many of the diseases that we now have. When fear stays frozen it affects the kidneys, the adrenal glands, the bones, the vital energy, and it can transform into panic.

We act strong and we neglect our health? We need to take care. You need to recognize your limits and overcome them because if you don’t recognize them you will ruin your body.

How does anger affect us? Anger is holy, it is sacred, it is a positive emotions because it leads us to self-affirmation, to the search of our own territory, to defend what is yours, what is right. But when anger becomes irritability, aggressiveness, resentment, hatred, it turns against you, and it damages the liver, the digestive system, and the immune system.

Happiness on the other hand enables our health? Joy is the most beautiful of emotions because it is the emotion of innocence, of the heart, it is the most healing of all because it is not contrary to any other. A little bit of sadness with joy writes poems. Joy with fear makes us contextualize fear and to not give it so much importance.

Joy softens the mood and the spirit? Yes, joy softens all emotions because it allows us to process them truth innocence. Joy puts all other emotions in contact with the heart and gives them an ascending sense. It channels them to the mental world.

What about sadness? Sadness is a feeling that can take you to depression when you wrap yourself in it and don’t express it, but it can also help you. Sadness puts you in contact with yourself and restores inner control. All negative emotions have their own positive aspect; we make them negative when we repress them.

Is it best to accept those emotions we consider negative as part of oneself? As part of transforming them, meaning that when we accept them they flow, and they don’t become stagnant, and they can be transmuted. We need to channel them for them to go from the heart to the brain.

So hard! Yes, it is very difficult. Really, the basic emotions are love and fear (which is absence of love), so that everything that exists is love, in excess or defect. Constructive or destructive. Because there is also the love that holds on, the love that overprotects, toxic love, destructive.

How can we prevent disease? We are creators, so I think the best way creating health. If we create health we wont even have to prevent or attack disease, because we will be health.

What if disease appears? Well, we will have to accept it because we are humans. Krishnamurti also got sick, he had cancer in the pancreas and he didn’t have an unorganized life. Many spiritual valuable people have contracted disease. We need to explain this for those who think that disease equals failure. Both failure and success are great teachers, but nothing else. And when you are the student, you have to accept and incorporate the lesson of disease in your life.

Every time more people suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of emptiness, which at times becomes a hole in the stomach, a feeling of lacking air. It is an existential emptiness, which arises when we look outside instead of inside ourselves. It appears when we look in the outer events, when we look for external support, when we don’t have the solidity of the internal search. If we don’t accept loneliness, and we don’t become our own company, we are going to feel that emptiness and we will try filling it up with things and possessions. But since it cannot be filled with things, each time the emptiness increases.

What can we do to free ourselves from anguish? Anguish can’t be dealt with eating chocolate, or with more calories, or looking for the perfect man outside. Anguish dissolves when you go into your inside self, accepting yourself as you are, and you reconcile yourself. Anguish comes from not being what we want to be, but also what we are, then we are in the “should be”, and we are not one thing or the other. Stress is another “evil” of our times. Stress comes from competitiveness, wanting to be perfect, wanting to be better, wanting to play a tone which is not mine, wanting to imitate. And really you can only compete when you decide to be your own competition, meaning, when you are unique, original, authentic, not a photocopy of anyone. The destructive stress damages the immune system. But positive stress is wonderful, because it enables you to be alert and aware during crisis, and enables you to use them as and opportunity to emerge on another level of consciousness.

What do you recommend to feel better with oneself? Loneliness. To be with oneself everyday is wonderful. 20 minutes with oneself is the start of meditation, it is having a bridge towards real health, and it is the access to the inner altar, to the inner self.

My recommendation is to put your alarm clock 20 minutes before in the morning so you don’t take time away from your tasks. If you dedicate, not the leftover time, but those first minutes in the morning, when you are fresh and rested, to meditate, that pause is going to recharge you, because in the pause lives the potential of the soul.

What is happiness for you? It is the essence of life. It is the sense of life itself, we incarnate to be happy, not for anything else. But happiness is not pleasure; it is integrity. When all senses consecrate to the being, we can then be happy. We are happy when we belief in ourselves, we trust ourselves, we commission ourselves to a transpersonal level that transcends our little selves or ego.

We are happy when we have a sense that goes further than daily life, when we don’t postpone life, when we don’t move ourselves, when we are at peace and feel safe with life and with our awareness. Living in the Present.

Is it important to live in the present? How can we do this? We stop going to the past and we don’t mortgage our life to expectations for the future when we focus on being and not on having. I tell myself that happiness is linked to the realization and it having the capacity to inhabit in reality. And to live is really to get out of the world of confusion.

Are we that confused in your opinion? We have three big illusions that confuse us. First, we think we are a body and not a soul, when the body is the instrument of life and finishes with death. Second, we think that the sense of life is pleasure; but with more pleasure doesn’t come more happiness, instead more dependency. Pleasure and happiness is not the same. We need ot consecrate the pleasure in life and not life to pleasure. The third illusion, is power; we belief to have the infinite power to live.

And what do we really need to live? Love? Love, so attracted and so portrayed, and so maligned, is a renewing force. Love is magnificent because it creates cohesion. In love all is alive, like a river that renews itself. In love one can always renew oneself, because it puts order to everything. In love there is no abuse, there is no displacement, no fear, no resentment, because when you organize yourself because you live love, each thing occupies its place, and then harmony is restored.

Now, from human perspective, we associate it with vulnerability, but love is not weak. It weakness us when we understand that someone we love does not love us back. There is great confusion in our culture. We think we suffer from love, that our catastrophes are do to love, but it is not because of love, its do to amorousness, which is a variety of attachment. That what we usually call love is a drug. In the same way that we depend on cocaine, marihuana or morphine, we can also depend on amorousness. It is a crutch to lean on, instead of carrying someone in my heart to free it. True love has a fundamental essence that is freedom, and it always leads to freedom. If love leads to dependence it is eros. Eros is a phosphorous, and when you light it, it consumes very rapidly, in two minutes you have already burned a finger. Many loves are like this, pure sparks. Even though that spark can be used to light the log of true love, when the log is on fire it produces fire. That is the impersonal love that produces light and heat.

Can you give us a tip to reach true love? Only truth. Trust in truth; you don’t have to be like the princess in someone else’s dreams, you don’t need to be more or less than what you are. You have a sacred right, which is the right to be wrong; you have another one, which is to forgive, because error is your teacher. Love yourself, be sincere with yourself, and consider yourself. If you do not love yourself, you won’t find anyone that will be able to love you. Love produces love. If you love yourself you will find love. Otherwise you will find emptiness. Don’t look for a crumb, which is unworthy of you. The key is to love oneself; and to love your neighbor as yourself. If you don’t love yourself, or your son because there is attachment, you are conditioning the other. Accept yourself as you are; what we don’t accept we can’t transform, and life is a flow of permanent transformation.