“Barbara and me were together in a seminar. For me different subjects were brought out during this day and I was not well with it, feeling a kind of load of the past on my shoulders. In the afternoon while being on the beach Barbara offered a healing session to me. I gladly accepted and laid myself down on the beach. Closed my eyes and Barbara started. As soon as I heard her voice I got a smile on my face. Felt in good hands and somehow I had the imagination of Little People being with me with a loving happiness. I relaxed during the session and my inner eye watched what happened to me. I felt lighter, happier already during the treatment.  After I got up and looked around I realised that the world looked different for me. I felt so happy, could not stop smiling around and all my sadness was gone. It was such a nice feeling that last longer. In the morning of the next day while going to the seminar again I was joking and totally happy… Thanks, Barbara for this wonderful change and fantastic well-being!” (Marietta)

"I experienced an amazing session; Barbara was able to very intelligently pull out some key blockages by helping me reveal and release key information and linking the dots meanwhile in a very therapeutic way. I was amazed of the sort of things that came out... Some of them I didn't even recall as they happened as a baby (and were confirmed by my mum after) and some others where hidden so I didn't have to face them. Expressing them and making myself consciously aware felt extremely relieving and I was very happy to get it out of my system. Obviously it is a process, but I found in Barbara a great therapist to accompany me in this healing path of self improvement and self discovering." (LF. BD Director)

“I had my first session with Barbara as I’ve struggled with feelings of anxiousness. Being completely new to the concept of healing, I had no expectations, but I was positively surprised when Barbara during my session managed to tap into points in my body where dark energy was harnessed and help me release this energy, leaving me feeling lighter. Apart from being talented, Barbara also has a very pleasant and professional demeanor making my session very intimate and safe. I can warmly recommend her treatment as my session was truly magical and liberating.” (TR. Production Manager)

"The healing sessions with Barbara allowed me to connect deeply with life events that haunted me to find a space of peace, openness and security. I was a little hesitant about the first session having never tried anything of this kind before, but Barbara's approach is gentle and encouraging allowing me to feel completely comfortable and at ease. I felt a big shift even after just one session, that something had changed forever in a very positive way." (OB. Musician)