Why am I here? What is my purpose? For as long as I can remember I have been searching for greater self-understanding and meaning.

Motivated by wanting to make this world a better place I studied a BA in International Relations and an MA in International Cooperation and Globalisation, with the intention of "saving the world".

I worked for International Organisations on humanitarian, peace and indigenous community issues, in different parts of the world, to fill my curiosity and make the world a better place. 

I finally came to the understanding that working within the systems wasn't really changing anything for me, and instead leaving me more disappointed and confused about the ideals I had - the search for harmony and cooperation. 

So I started searching within to find my personal values, and a sense of inner purpose, understanding, wellbeing and peace. 

I studied, questioned and integrated different techniques, from more cognitive angles such as Psychology, Coaching, NLP to experiential ones. Trained with numerous people on diverse bodywork techniques, movement meditations and sitting meditations around the world. 

Then I came across the Life Alignment method- I connected to this process and its astonishing effects and fully understood it was the technique a would have to bring along to others. 

Through Life Alignment I connected with something much grander and a true understanding. I started integrating and understanding the energy and myself.

Opening up to cosmic consciousness and transmuting the emotions, patterns and frequencies that were making me stuck. 





Each session provided me with immense steps towards greater awareness and consciousness. 

This Investigation, self-study and practice, laid the grounds to a deeper sense of self – essentially creating the space to knowing and understanding myself better and opening up to the energy that we are and that is. 

Connecting and taking the teachings of Mother Earth as a great guide and opening up to All Guidance available. 

Opening up to the dimensional LIGHT BEINGS who now work through me assisting in elevating the vibrational frequency. 

I now work using all these tools and techniques together with the information that comes from within and from the Connection to Source, assisting to transmute issues in a very simple way, unique and carrying way.  

With the biggest respect, humility and unconditional love to guide people in the wonderful path towards greater Consciousness, Happiness, Love and Light.

In each person I see beauty and in each person I see myself. Each session is a great Gift to my Soul, Heart and Path. 

We all deserve inner and outer wellbeing – these sessions are a way to really acquire it. Integrating our resources and abilities at a cellular and energetic level in order to flow through life, Aligning us with our True Essence and Love.